Amazon Cush
Amazon Cush
Also known as
Birth date
Birth name
Born in
Origin West Palm Beach, florida
Current City Lake Worth, Florida
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, Producer, engineer & gfx designer
Years active 2006-present
Label(s) Jungle Boy Music Group llc.
Associated acts
Website Official website


Jungle Boy,Amazon Cush, hails from a small city in South Florida. He's the perfect representation of Palm Beach County as a whole; he's lyrically inclined and delivers a great deal of energy and emotion to each and every heart felt track. He's business savvy and a hustler, to say the very least. Cush decided to pursue music in the summer of 2003, as he found it was a way to express himself. He often refers to himself as a Hard Head - something he were called even as kid, and remains to be just that as an adult. Amazon Cush has dubbed himself the “Leader of the Tribe" Their music is heavily influenced by personal experiences, good times and life. Growing up in South Florida, he was exposed to many different styles of music ranging from Reggae and Calypso down to the South Florida sounds of Bass. Having these, as well as Afro Peruvian music, helped to further diversify the musical experience for him. However, being 80’s baby also introduced him to Gangster Rap. He recalls from his younger days “the Jamaicans playing Bob Marley or Peter Tosh… and down the street the Latinos were playing Salsa and Meringue. If you walked down a little further Master P, N.W.A., 2 Pac and Biggie was jammin up the airwaves…you know…I literally heard all kinds of sounds.” he fuses the sounds he heard and adored throughout his childhood into his own music. His lyrics are best described as vivid imageries that allow you to feel and understand that what he is saying is one hundred percent from the heart. He is constantly hitting the road to push his music and network. he guaranteed to leave a mark in this industry. Revolution brings change, and he is the movement behind it.




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