Akshun's album America Most Wanted
America's Most Wanted
Studio Album by Akshun
Released December 7, 2008
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label Lunetz, Les200, BloodFire Recordz
Last album
This album America's Most Wanted
Next album ThugMinded Vol.1


1. America's Most Wanted

2. Pussy (prod. Akshun)

3. MTL Anthem (prod. Akshun)

4. Ready For War

5. Murder Everybody

6. By My Side ft Goody 2 Shoes & LMS

7. Put That Down

8. Whut Up

9. Get Yo Ass Up

10. How I Came Up

11. In The Game

12. Murder Life

13. Neva Gon Get It

14. Summer In The Air

15. America's Most Wanted remix ft Bad News Brown & X-Cal



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