Bangin' on Wax
Studio Album by Bloods & Crips
Released March 9, 1993
Genre/Style Hip-Hop, Gangsta rap
Length 71:21
Label Dangerous Records
Producer(s) Ron "Ronnie Ron" Phillips, Tweedy Bird Loc, Jerome Evans (Silkski), Battlecat, J. Stank
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This album
Next album Bangin' on Waz 2... The Saga Continues

Bangin' on Wax is the first album by Bloods & Crips. The album was released in 1993 for Dangerous Records. Bangin' on Wax was a success, making it to #86 on the Billboard 200. Four singles were released "Bangin' on Wax", "Piru Love", "Crip, Crip, Crip" and "Steady Dippin'". The album has sold over 500,000 copies, reaching Gold status.

Track listing Edit

# Title Time
1 "Gangsta Talk" (Intro) 3:10
2 "Bangin' on Wax" 3:47
3 "Shuda Beena B-Dog" 3:41
4 "C-Sick" 4:09
5 "Rip a Crab in Half" 4:00
6 "Piru Love" 6:12
7 "No Way Out" 3:59
8 "I Killed Ya Dead Homies" 3:33
9 "C-K Ride" 4:15
10 "Crippin' Ain't Easy" 5:18
11 "Crazy Lil' Nigga" 0:18
12 "Another Slob Bites the Dust" 3:49
13 "Crip, Crip, Crip" 3:50
14 "Puttin' in Work" 5:26
15 "Steady Dippin'" 4:23
16 "Mackin' to Slob Bitches" 5:51
17 "K's Up" 4:47
18 "Bro Dahwood-Transmigrator of the Soul" 0:44


1. "Bangin' on Wax" Released: 1993

2. "Piru Love" Released: 1993

3. "Crip, Crip, Crip" Released: 1993

4. "Steady Dippin'" Released: 1993

Samples Edit

  • "Rip a Crab in Half"


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