Back Russian
Black Russian
Also known as formerly known as Deadly
Birth date March 24, 1984
Birth name Darious B Martin
Born in
Origin None, Piedmont
Current City Lake Worth, Florida
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, CEO
Years active
Label(s) Deadly Ent.
Associated acts Killa Kim, Raylo, Toe Down, Vandam Bodyslam


Black Russian A.K.A. Deadly, is a North American rapper that currently resides in Lake Worth, FL. A former member of the Drastik Boys, Black Russian decided to go solo after experiencing limited success with the group. As a solo artist, he boasts a number of locally succesfull hits, such as "Drinking Str8 Out The Bottle" and "Bow Bow Bow". The popularity of his hit single "Bow Bow Bow" has led to the usage of bow bow bow as an idiom by locals of the 561 in everyday life. Bow bow bow  can be defined as  "a stamp of approval after a sentence, usually used in positive situation" (Ie: I got a job. Bow Bow Bow.)




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