Bounty Hunter Bloods
Founded 1969
In Watts, Los Angeles, California
Founded by
Years active 1969-present
Territory Nickerson Gardens
Ethnicity African-American
Criminal activities Murder, Assault, Drug trafficking, Arms trafficking, Robbery
Allies Bloods, PJ Watts Crips, Hacienda Village Bloods, Circle City Piru
Rivals Crips, Carver Park Compton Crips, all Neighbor Hood Crips, Holmes Street Watts Crips,Mona Park Compton Crips, Bacc Street Watts Crips, Front Street Watts Crips, Fudge Town Mafia Crips, all Compton Pirus ( in particular Mob Pirus and Fruit Town Pirus ) and the 117 Street Watts Crips,Athens Park Bloods, 108 Watts Neighbor Hood Crips, Family Swans Bloods , Mad Swans Bloods , all East Coast Crips and the Avalon Gangster Crips

The Bounty Hunter Bloods aka East side Bounty Hunter Blood Gang is a blood gang that started in 1969 in the Watts section of Los Angeles. Originally known as the Green Jackets, it is believed that Gary Barker was very influential during Bounty Hunters' beginnings. Also Bobby Jack was one of the founding members. The Bell Haven Bounty Hunters formed around 1978 to the west of Central Avenue, south of the railroad tracks. Around 1981, Renee McGowen began the lot Bounty Hunters. Over time have formed the following subsets; Lot Boys, Block Boys, Bell Haven. Their main area, which is in the Nickerson Gardens housing project is 108th Street (north) to Imperial (south) between Compton Ave (east) on Central Ave (west). Covering an area of 0.54 square kilometers of territory, making them larger Black gangs in Watts.


59 Bounty Hunter (common in Houston, Texas) under U.B.N & show love to the 5 but arent bloods BHW ( Bounty Hunter Watts ) under the B 111st Ace Line 112st Duece Line 113st Tre Line 114st Four Line 115st Five Line

East side of LA Watts

59 bounty hunter is not valid anywhere and is not sanctioned in the west at allg

No bloods rep 5 nor show love for the 5

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