CaMMrQuarter KeyAyrabGorilla GoonTspIce B-front-large-1-
Da Misunderstood Empire
Mixtape by C.a.M.
Released January 11, 2010
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label CAM Productions
Producer(s) C.a.M.
Last album Tragik Error: Mixtape
This album Da Misunderstood Empire
Next album Its A Cutthroat World Mixtape

C.a.M. is a producer/Rap Artist staight out of Fort.Lauderdale,Florida...He was always misunderstood and overlooked but haves an outstanding talented sound so take your time and listen to a different sound enjoy!

track listingEdit


2.C.a.M.-Dont Talk To Me

3.Ayrab ft.Gorilla Goon-Bout Dat Action

4.Mr.Quarter Key-Flawda Wawda

5.Tha News(Fort.Lauderdale)

6.C.a.M.-Fort.Lauderdale Born N Raised

7.Empress Raw-Get Yo Money

8.C.a.M. speaks-Do you(skit)

9.Ayrab ft.Gorilla Goon-Do it

10.C-Ride-Slick Rap

11.Wicks-Fall Back

12.Mr.Quarter Key ft.Song Byrd-Lonely Ride

13.Tsp ft.Ice-Berg,Faze-G-We Da Best

14.Mr.Quarter Key ft.C.a.M.-What Im Talkin Bout

15.Ayrab ft.Glamour Gyrl-Hood Pussy

16.Mr.Quarter Key ft.Money-2 Quarter Birds

17.Clete-B---h I love ya

18.C.a.M. speaks-Haters(skit)

19.Wicks-Hater Appreciation

20.C-Ride-Get Mad

21.Ayrab ft.Gorilla Goon-I Need Money

22.C.a.M.-I Kno it

CaMMrQuarter KeyAyrabGorilla GoonTspIce B-back-large-1-


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