Also known as
Birth date March 1, 1990
Birth name
Origin 160 District, Montreal
Current City Montreal
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper, CEO, Record producer
Years active
Label(s) Street Smart Ent.
Associated acts Micromicide, Flawless, Regie Marvelous, 1MPULSIF, Aminovic Beatz


Demon514 was born March 1, 1990 in Montreal. He began his career at the age of 7 years inspired by his environment and members of his group composed of older individuals. He began rapping with his group micromicide (1mpulsif, storm and Demon514) in 1999. It is now part of the label Street-Smart, which began its emancipation in late 2008. Originally from Haiti, he grew up next to Snow, one of the poorest neighborhood of Montreal. The young orphan was based on his experience to compose his music. This talented young artist stands out from much of its competition through its integrity, its intensity and its values ​​in his works. His fate is now in the hands of music. The music is what guides him in life and what has been neglected street gangs!


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