1. Cadillac Escalade, a luxury SUV.
  2. The act of scaling a fortified wall or rampart.[1]. But of course the common use for the word Escalade in rap and/or common usage is used to refer to the Automobile/SUV made by Cadillac.
  • "Onyx is gritty, grimey, the gutter, projects, techs, nines, black Escalades" -- Onyx (Whats Onyx?, Bacdafucup Pt 2 (2002))
  • "I put Lamborghini doors on my Escalade" -- The Game featuring 50 Cent (How We Do, The Documentary (2005))
  • "This is for my ladies in the 280s Mercedes In the H3, Baby Ranges, Bentley Coupes, my Escalades" [Danity Kane] Show Stopper



To ride in tight car, like an Escalade. "Gucci shades upon my braids when i escalade." -- Slim Thug (Still Tippin (2005)

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