Also known as
Birth date May 31
Birth name
Born in West Palm Beach, Florida
Origin West Palm Beach, Florida
Current City West Palm Beach, Florida
Styles Hip-Hop, Underground hip-hop, New school hip-hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active
Associated acts Vandam Bodyslam, Fat Joe


G Boi was born and raised in the tough streets of West Palm Beach, Florida. While growing up he listened to numerous rap artist and groups but only Tupac and most especially Biggie made hugh impressions on him. G-boi has always had a knack for rhyming but he never took his hobby serious until he got into collaboration with DEL. This venture enabled G-boi to find a way to put his creative and artistic skills to use as he has now written unlimited tracks. G-boi’s life has not always been easy.

Very early in life he lived life on the streets amongst some of the undesirable elements of the society. He witnessed what if meant to associate with people who had no life ambition, life on drugs,and various forms of discrimation, even from people of his own ethnicity. Life would have contuined in the same fashion for G-boi if not for the precios little joy God brought into his life.

The birth of Brianna and Pirerre Jr. changed G-boi’s perception of his role in life. He realized there were more to life than living on the streets. The day Brianna and Pierre were born, he made a vow to his kids and himself that they will never experience the life that he did. This vow brought about his stage name: G-Boi, short for Galvanized Boi. Today G-boi is an accomplished rapper, writer and ceo of Entrepreneur Entertainment.

His future ambition is to become a positive role model for todays youths. He promised never to turn his back on his people and he also promised to give back to society by building and developing youth progams for the community. He also donates to the make a wish foundation for kids with cancer and other special needs. He plans to be a rapd mogul such as P. Diddy, 50 cent and Jay Z.



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