I got game he got game she got game. blah blah

  1. life on the streels is described as game "this game is a mu'fucking trip,word on the streels,'this nigga said, that nigga said'I dont give a fuck what that nigga said man... Bigg Snoop Dogg & Dr Dre (Bitch niggas)
  1. the Alis/name of Dr Dre's prodogy from Compton, recent ex-member of G-unit... "Im tha muthafuckin Game and I can take you higher" Game(Higher)



  1. to have game means you are comefortable and good at hitting on girls/women

Wooing. Cause I'm gamin' on a female that's gamin' on me -- N.W.A. (I Ain't The One year[6781988]).

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