Also known as King George
Birth date March 13, 1990
Birth name
Born in London, UK
Origin London,uk
Current City London, UK
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Producer
Years active 2006-present
Label(s) Godfather Records
Associated acts Hustla Jones

Born in London on the 13th Of March 1990, GeoBeats (King George) is a Music Producer from the UK.

His career started late 2006 when his older brother (A2z) influenced him into the profesion by building drum patterns using Fruity Loops.

As time progressed both A2z & GeoBeats developed as Producers with their own individual styles.

Although they would produce along side each other on a regular basis they both went their seperate ways with music genres, but would occasionally come together & collaborate to create a mixed genre of productions.

Come 2008 Music Production was nothing more than a hobby for GeoBeats until early that year he lost his Father. This was the event that triggered GeoBeats' inner passion & hunger for success. With mixed emotions of regret, anger, pain & loss GeoBeats turned to music as a release to his emotional issues.

After a further two years of hard work and constant practice, GeoBeats came into 2010 with a style of producing unique to his background. After wising up quick to the music game GeoBeats realised that anyone could produce to this caliber, so what would make him any different from any other producer with the same passion and hunger driving them?... The only thing being, who you know & building relationships with artist who share your very same vision.

Coming to the end of 2010 GeoBeats had finally reached out and begun work with artist on a global scale, Brickz Amillion (USA), Kibistone (South Africa),

Sutten Catchy (UK) (& Many More). On the 1st of January 2011, GeoBeats had signed with 'Godfather Records' (from Florida, USA.) as their in-house producer.

To this day GeoBeats is still working hard within the label and with his other global links to push his career further.

Quote; "Surround your self with Winners and Winning becomes second nature"... - GeoBeats.



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