Army Of 2 Get Ur Mind Right-back-large-1-
Get Ur Mind Right!
Studio Album by Army Of 2
Released June 14, 2011
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label E.Z ENT
Producer(s) Pushy B
Last album
This album Get Ur Mind Right!
Next album

Army of 2 mixtape Get Ur Mind Right.

Army Of 2 Get Ur Mind Right-front-1-

the front cover

Track listingEdit

1. Intro

2. Get Ur Mind Right

3. Army Of 2

4. Bad Booty

5. Dirty Paper

6. Interlude

7. Trouble Makers

8. La Veriter

9. Freestyle-1-

10. What Dey Know About Me

11. Dossier Fermer

12. Outro

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