Hated on Mostly
Studio album by Crime Mob
Released March 20, 2007
Recorded 2005-2007
Genre/Style Crunk
Length 52:07
Label BME Recordings/Reprise
Producer(s) Lil Jay, Killa C, M.I.G., Detral Doc Jam Treadwell, Oomp Camp, Lil Jon
Last album Mob Shit
This album Hated on Mostly
Next album

Hated on Mostly is the second and final studio album by Atlanta rap group Crime Mob. It was released March 20, 2007. The album features production by Lil Jay, Killa C, M.I.G., Dirty Doc Jam and Oomp Camp. The first single, "Rock Yo Hips", reached #30 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Following its release, the album debuted at number 31 on the U.S. Billboard 200.

track ListingEdit

1. "Represent" — 4:06

2. "Hated on Mostly" — 4:05

3. "On the Rise" — 2:50

4. "2nd Look" — 3:46

5. "Rock Yo Hips" (featuring Lil Scrappy) — 3:47

6. "Shine Cause I Grind" (featuring Mike Jones) — 4:31

7. "Sign in the Air" — 4:07

8. "Go to War" (featuring Lil Scrappy & Pimp C) — 4:05

9. "Circles" — 4:05

10. "We Some Playaz" — 4:23

11. "Big Boy Pimpin'" — 4:18

12. "All Madden" — 3:27

13. "Wuz Up" (featuring Bohagon) — 4:46



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