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Welcome to Hip-Hop Database Wiki.
We are currently editing over 2,878 articles and 1,220 images, and you can help
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Welcome to the Hip-Hop Database WikiEdit

The only wiki of Hip-Hop that will have rappers, rap groups, labels, dj's producers, albums, mixtapes, hip-hop models, genres of hip-hop music, video games related to Hip-Hop or that are Hip-Hop, films and documentaries of Hip-Hop, singles, songs, music videos, and even hip-hop clothing. It will have everything on Hip-Hop worldwide that u can find!

Featured Article
D a.k.a DCOU
D a.k.a. DCOU is the current featured article.

Featured Photo!
Regie Marvelous (1)
This photo is D. photo.

Featured Video!
2 OF MONTREAL'S MOST HATED Eric Armani feat Akshun05:35

2 OF MONTREAL'S MOST HATED Eric Armani feat Akshun

2 Of Montreal's Most Hated by PeeZee ft Akshun Man Read more...

Featured Album/Mixtape/Soundtrack!
154176 314392600097 503885097 3662052 727664 n-1-
Don't Get Mad, Get Money Vol.1

Template:Featured new artist

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Work is going on to improve the wikia - all help is welcomed!
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2011 Yes it's gonna be a great Year!!!

Hip-Hop Database Wiki Page Rules
Before you begin, please be aware of the rules of this wikia.
  1. Just put everything you know on hip-hop. and ill be watching.
For Questions just ask User:Young Piece the founder.

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