Jae Ridah
Jae Ridah
Also known as
Birth date November 19, 1985
Birth name Marc Andre Jr Gascon
Born in
Origin Montreal
Current City Montreal
Styles Hip-Hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2006-Present
Label(s) City Bang Ent.
Associated acts BeatOven, J-Ron, Tali, The Verse


Marc Andre Jr Gascon, better known by his stage name Jae Ridah, was born on November 19th, 1985, in one of the most hectic cities of Canada, Montreal. Being a part of a family of four, which included a younger brother suffering from a neurological disease, Jae quickly found some comfort through music by looking up to the East Coast rappers such as Nas, Notorious B.I.G, The Lox & Mobb Deep. Even though he was an intelligent and enlightened teenager, his associations led him to discover the world of the streets and the love for money quickly took priority. It is through this lifestyle that he gradually began to close in on himself, seeking for a way to express his past rage, he wrote, bar by bar. The young JR then chose Hip-hop in the English preferred language to highlight his message.

In 2006, the experienced beat maker; BeatOven exposed the talent of JR, offering to collaborate on a project that resulted in the “Best Served Cold” mixtape featuring 13 original songs. Eventually, JR created the movement “City Bang” which aimed to bring together a few local artists with potential, such as Sius Clay, Max Cruz & DJ Benz. In 2007, Jae Ridah marked his presence in the famous “Street DVD”. A DVD showcasing the controversy between the world of the streets and the Quebec media. Fortunately, in 2008, his talent was rewarded for bringing one of the best performances of several projects such as TV CDX Vol 2, Bilo da Kid – Hood Classics Vol 2, DJ Dax – HO Radio Vol 3 and Real City TV – The Mixtape. Later that year, as the local professional hockey team was heading to the Stanley Cup finals, Jae attracted the attention of radio stations such as CKOI and CKAC with his anthem “Go Habs Go”, dedicated to the fans of the Montreal Canadiens.

Early 2009, the plot thickened when his lifestyle began to take excessive turns, following the arrest of important people in his entourage, family problems, the death of two close friends and trouble with the law, he took a step back to question his future. With the help of mentors and personal development programs, he was enlightened with a new meaning to life as he begun the road to become the successful man he was determined to be. In November 2009, Jae Ridah released “Get It How You Live” demo as an artist and CEO of City Bang Entertainment. The demo demonstrated a professional and very well represented artist with titles like, “I’m A Ridah”, “The Truth”, “Get It How You Live” and “African Queen”.

In january 2013, Jae released "Never Seen, Never Heard Of", a 30 titles project mixed by DJ Xclusiv which includes unreleased joints from 2006 to 2012. You can actualy download it for free on

Jae Ridah is now ready to play in the big leagues. With his entrepreneurial spirit, determination and a heavy past, his words will inspire thousands through his confidence to express his provenance.





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  • Vendetta Filmz (Fito Loyalty).
  • Vendetta Filmz (Freaky Caprice)
  • A&A Filmz
  • CDX
  • Justin Agustin
  • Freeky Tv.
  • Global Netvideo

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