Also known as
Birth date March 24, 1981
Birth name
Born in
Current City Montreal
Styles Hip Hop / Reggae/Dancehall / Kompa/Zouk
Occupation(s) Rapper, Producer, CEO
Years active
Associated acts Akshun Man, Zapata


Born Renald Jean-Denis Boyd aka Jamhaitian. Born in Uptown Montreal,Quebec, Canada. He Grew up in the uptown guetto where there was constant violence living in impoverished conditions. The name Jamhaitian represents the future, hope, pride, it derives from the background of his parents his mother being Jamaican and father being Haitian. As a youngster Jamhaitian did a lot of sports and grew up with a single mother, Jamhaitian vowed he would take his mom out the guetto and take care of her at a young age. It’s hard knowing if you mite or mite not eat today that’s why survival is key he learnt that from his mom never quit never let know one dictate how things should be . Jamhaitian has always been around music from playing the flute in elementary to playing the saxophone in high school. His favorite artists has to be without a doubt Wyclef Jean which was the first rap artist to represent Haiti to the fullest and wasn’t ashamed to do so. It’s because of a college acquaintance he discovered musical production and started making his own beats. Not to long after that he started writing his own tracks . Jamhaitian= influential diverse mix of musical genres. First of all his voice will captivate you and will make you adore his magical flow, whether he spits in patois which has a reggae style or in creole. His voice is a rugged raspy energetic sound, forever blazing he brings that fire every time. Founder of Royalty Ent and member of les200 and the 200 negros movement. Fuse Jamaica and Haiti and you have Jamhaitian.





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