1. Crotch. Being on someone's jock means trying to get involved with someone for his money or his status etc. The best definition can be found on Ice Cube's "Kill at will" in the full version of the song "Get off my dick and tell yo bitch to come here".



  1. To have sexual intercourse. "Everywhere honey go, cats jock me like WHOA!" -- Black Rob featuring Beanie Sigel, Da Brat, G-Dep, Lil' Cease, The Madd Rapper, Petey Pablo, Puff Daddy, Rah Digga, Shyne (Whoa! (Extended Remix)) [1]
  2. To sweat someone.
  3. To bite (copy) someone. "You're jocking my style, MC's stop jockin my style" Craig Mack (Jockin My Style) [2]
  4. To overly adore.

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