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King of Verdun
King Mizery
Also known as formely known as kING
Birth date
Birth name
Born in Montreal
Origin Verdun, Montreal
Current City Ottawa
Styles Hip-Hop, Canadian hip-hop
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active
Label(s) KautiouzFlows Records
Associated acts dj core, UnoBeats


KiNG is a underground rapper from Montreal that released is mixtape in 2011. He had a hard childhood almost growing up with out a dad. Mycal was born in Montreal, his first reference to being a musician was a beat box artist then he moved to hip hop. The first rapper he heard was the legendary Tupac Shakur, the song So Much Pain is the first hip-hop song he listened to. He stareted being involved in music at the age of 9 but started rapping at the age of 11.




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