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L'unique du 514
Age 18
Also known as Yosh11
Birth date 1992/nov./30
Birth name Shafaq Ali
Born in Montreal, Quebec Canada
Origin Pakistani
Current City Montreal
Styles Rap
Occupation(s) rapper
Years active 2005 - present
Associated acts muli, young k, lil easy, speezy, young bloodzz,


L'unique du 514 the real name, Ali Shafaq.
Shafaq Ali debuted to write poetry in English at the age of 12.
After listening to a french group called (Mafia K1Fry, Iam, NTM and Lunatic) He decided to write poetry in french at the age of 13. Upon his arrival in high school, he felt very bad to believe that his future is gray. On October 14, 2006 Ali gave his 100% to music. he did not have so much he recorded his music on a webcam. He made songs like (80, C'est la cite et Reste loin) Shafaq only did this because of encouragement by some of his friends in his neighborhood. Uncomfortable living in the district of Parc-Extension, Shafaq realized that he had a lot of stress so he decided to record his first piece 80. Shafaq in 2008 recorded his 4th piece with Muli (a friend from his neighborhood). All the talk about school lucien page of this piece until today. What really encouraged Shafaq in 2008.
In 2009 is when the project became serious, Shafaq bought his microphone and all he needed was to have a better quality. He recorded a song like (Vien faire un tour, laisser faire et cote ouest). In 2010, is the time where Shafaq became very serious into his music, his little brother it took him 15 years to buy everything they need to produce music. Since April 2010, his brother Faraz Shafaq work on a mixtape. Today it has 12 piece for his street album.

And there is many more to come.


  • The voice of the ghetto (2011)



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