BabaStars in an Albanian Rap Group from Pristine,Kosovo.It is formed by 2 Rap groups and 2 Solo Singers Tingulli 3'nt , Skillz and Stresi , Ledri.It is very famous in Kosovo,Albania,Macedonia,Montenegro and in most of countries where are Albanian peoples. BabaStars leader mostly is Ghetto Gheasy who is Tingulli 3'nt Leader.               BABASTARSchannel is group's Youtube Channel for bad luck a lot of theirs Most beautiful Songs like I kom ft Ermal Fejzullahu (7.000.000 views) is on ArkivaShqip YouTube channel.

Banda Butuesi was a Albanian rap group based in Tirana,Albania it was formed in 1997 from peoples like Dmc a.k.a Babloki ,99nci , Cartani , AlbBoy ect.Other rappers like Stresi mentioned Banda Butuesi in their songs but they wasn't members.Banda Butuesi was strongly in beef with other albanian rap groups like O.T.R sometimes with TBA (even though Dmc aka Babloki had close relations with TBA) and with solo artist like Kobra a.k.a Helmuesi. Today Banda Butuesi continue to produce music but beef is not as big as it was 5 years ago in 2010.


     Don Phenom one of the best male rappers in albania. He is the best.


             E7 is a Rap Group From Gilan,Kosovo.It is very famous Rap Group in Kosovo but not that much in Albania.and other parts where Albanians live.Groups leader is The Mike.They had a lot of troubles whith Police and with their biggest rivals GG Army. They transfered their rivality from Songs to the Streets where a lot of them got killed.On dec 24 2012 D.U.D.A (GG Army's leader) and The Mike made a song together Pajtimi i Gjaqeve.Wikipedia hasn't got a lot of info for E7 members.E7 other members wasn't good with alliance with GG so they left The Mike and all of members of E7 now except The Mike are still in war with GG.


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  • G4SHI


  • Hustlers Ambition - HV$ is an Albanian Hip-Hop Label from Tetovo Macedonia, the group is formed by BsM, Norm'a, Benny and Retno on February 2014 but all of those rappers had a career before this they made this team solo or members of another rap labels, keep in touch with Hustlers Ambition visit their official channel HV$ is one of the most famous Rap Group in Macedonia,


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  • Krimineli was a rapper from Shkodra , Albania and one of the founders of label OTR (On Top of the Rest or On The Run ) he served 4 years in England in prison and served another 6 months in Albania for beating Noizy with a baseball bat. His most known songs are ''Shqipe'' ''Diss Dmc'' ''Para Gjykates'; etc , He overdoes and died in 2011.



Mc Kresha is a very famous and successful Albanian Rapper in all countries where live albanians, a member of rap group or record label P.I.N.T (Per Inati t'Njoni Tjetrit). His best known albums are 'Patikat e Mia' (2010), 'Per Inati t'Njoni Tjetrit' (2011) with his record label partner Lyrical Son, 'Air Force 1' (2012), 'Emceeclopedy' (2014), 'Rapsodet n'Rap t'Sodit' (2016) with Lyrical Son.

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  • Mozzik

Born: September 29, 1995 (age 22), Ferizaj

  • It is the only rapper Albanians who has managed to make 60 million clicks.Solo Song


     O.T.R (OnTopoftheRest) is an very famous Albanian Rap Group whith members from London,England (Albanians) who came in Albania in 2000's.The group's leader Noizy(Rigels Rajku) a very talented artist.O.T.R has got a great friendship with Double G Army (GG Army). The group's origins date back to London in late 90's early 2000's.At first there was 3 guys who created OTR , Krimineli (Edmond Nersadi ) who died from Heroin Overdose in 2011 (R,I.P) JR and Noizy . Over the years Noizy took control after some beef with Krimineli (the last one beated noizy with a baseball bat , served 6 months in prison for that crime) TOday OTR is in it's biggest succes with concerts every day and millions of views and subscribers in youtube.



  • RETNO ( 3003EBG ). RETNO is a Albanian Rap Artist from Ferizaj/Kosovo who lives in Tetovo/Macedonia he was well known for his underground rap music before. RETNO now is one of most liked artist for New School Trap Music



The Bloody Alboz (T.B.A). T.B.A is a Albanian Rap Group which is based in New York City and has rappers mostly from Pristine,Kosovo but even from others cities like DMC A.K.A Babloki who is from Tropoja or DMK who is from Southern city of Fier, or Phenom who is from Shkoder, etc. T.B.A's leader is Rebel A.K.A Unikkatil (Viktor Palokaj) other members are Jetoni, Presioni, Cyanide, Hudra, Phenom and kobra


  • UniKKatiL (Viktor Paloka) also know as Rebel a.k.a Unikkatil - is the King of Albanian Rap. He has formed the group "The Bloody Alboz - TBA"



  • West Side Family was a rap group formed in Tirana,Albania. It was formed by 3 peoples and was very succesfull in late 90's and 2000's.they had political conneticon and made some songs for Albania's Prime Minister Edi Rama (That Time Tirana's Major) in 2003 and 2009.Today the members aren't antmore ogether and are split. One of them even did a Song against Edi Rama in 17th of november 2014 Dr Flori one of the label's members died from overdose. 




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