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List of Blood sets in Los Angeles County

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Blood sets by cities                                                                                                                                                                                      

Carson (9)

  • Bounty Hunter Samoan Warrior Bloods
  • Center View Piru
  • Calas Park Loks
  • Cabbage Patch Piru/Kabbage Patch Pirus
  • Carson West Side Piru
  • Samoan Warrior Bounty Hunters
  • Scotts Dale Piru
  • Scott Park Piru/Bloods
  • West Side Piru

Compton (17/19)

Florence (1)

Hawthorne (1)

Inglewood (9)

Los Angeles (23/31)

  • Aliso Village Brim [defunct]
  • All For Crime
  • Be-Bopp Watts
  • Black P Stones-City
  • Black P Stones-Jungles
  • Blood Stone 30s Pirus
  • Blood Stone Villains
  • Bounty Hunters
  • Circle City Piru
  • Dalton Gangster Bloods [defunct]
  • Denver Lane Bloods
  • East Side Pain
  • Family Swan Bloods
  • Fruit Town Brims
  • Hacienda Village Bloods
  • Harvard Park Brims, 62
  • Hoover Family [defunct]
  • Mad Swan Bloods
  • Mid Wilshire Bloods [defunct]
  • Mid Town Family [defunct]
  • Miller Gangster Bloods
  • Neighbor Hood Rollin 20s
  • Orchard Brim [defunct]
  • Outlaw 20s
  • Pacoima Pirus
  • Pueblo Bloods, 52
  • Queen Street Bloods, 76 [defunct]
  • Rollin 50s Brim
  • Unton (Untouchable) Brims [defunct]
  • Van Ness Gangsters
  • ujima village (village Town Piru)
  • Blown Stones

  • Water Front Pirus 

Lynwood (1)

  • Mob Piru

Pasadena (2/3)

  • Parke Nine Bloods [defunct]
  • Pasadena Denver Lanes (PDLs)
  • Pasadena Squiggley Lanes (PSLG)

Pomona (1/2)

  • 456 Island Piru
  • Barjug [defunct]

Rosewood (3)

West Covina (1)

  • West Covina Mob Piru


in the City of LA by turfs




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