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tongan crip gangster1000 block

Sets in CanadaEdit

in MontrealEdit


  • Lil' Gangsta Crips (Defunct)
  • New Born Crips (defunct)
  • Boys In Blue (defunct)
  • Ghetto Boys (defunct)
  • Mother Nature's Mistakes (defunct)
  • All Crips Gang
  • Bay Mills Crips
  • Chester Le Crew (Darkside Crips)
  • Dawes Road Crips
  • Driftwood Crips
  • Eglinton West Crips
  • Falstaff Crips
  • Ghost Town Crips
  • Glendower Crips
  • Jamestown Crew (aka Doomstown Crips)
  • Galloway Boys
  • Latin Crips
  • Mount Olive Crips
  • Shoreshot Crips
  • Trethewey Gangster Crips
  • Trethewey Gangsta Killaz
  • la Cinco Tras Familia (Five Three) - West end, Lakeshore Blvd West and Mimico Ave, in Etobicoke, Toronto, Ontario

in WinnipegEdit

  • Winnipeg Westside Crips
  • Asian Bomb Squad

in OttawaEdit

  • Southside Crips (Defunct)
  • Asian Boyz
  • Cedarwood Crips
  • H-Block Crips
  • Ledbury-Banff Crips
  • Overbrook Crips
  • Sandlewood Crips

in CalgaryEdit

  • Mount Olive Crips
  • BLUE BOYS GANG- Clareview Crips OffShoot
  • NE 611 Crips
  • LOC




  • Edmonton Mafia Crips
  • Blue Boys Gang - Clareview Crips OffShoot
  • Milita Crips-Edmonton Remand Based
  • Clareview Crips

Sets in the United-StatesEdit


Decatur Metropolitan AreaEdit

Greater BirminghamEdit

  • Original Rollin' 30s Harlem Crips
  • Rollin' 40s N-Hood Crips
  • Rollin' 60s N-Hood Crips
  • Rollin' 50s N-Hood Crips
  • Rollin' 90s N-Hood Crips
  • Rollin' 100s N-Hood Crips
  • West End Mafia Crips
  • Pratt City Gangster Crps
  • Front Street Crips
  • Woodlawn Mafia Crips
  • Eight Trey (83) Gangster Crips
  • Playboy Gangster Crips
  • Grape Street Crips
  • Nutty Blocc Crips
  • Ensley Crips (inactive)
  • 5 Duece (5-2 or 52) Crips
  • South Side Crips
  • Wenonah Gangster Crips (inactive)
  • Circlewood Drive Crips
  • ES 973 Insane Gangster Crips


50150 Crips

88th Street Crips

Altadena Crips Gangsters

Combat Crips

Compton Swamp Crips

Locc Down Crips

Loco Latin Crips

Mountain View Crips

Tongan Crips Gang

Westside City Crips


  • rollin 60's neighborhood crips 
  • rollin 90's neighborhood crips
  • harlem 30's crips 
  • rollin 30's crips 
  • eight trey gangster crips 
  • 107 hoover criminial 
  • south side compton crips 
  • neighborhood crip 
  • 69 eastcoast crip 
  • 59 eastcoast crip 
  • 357 pomana crips 
  • Nutty blocc compton crips 
  • four trey gangster crips 
  • five trey avalon crips 
  • rollin 20's ogc crips 
  • rollin 20's lbc crips 
  • 19st lbc crips 
  • Stillman drive crips 
  • wolfe street crips ( all crips set in all little rock arkansas from california) 
  • 23rd street crips neighborhood 
  • england acres crips nhc 
  • east maxwell neighborhood crip 


Tucson: (520)

  • Northside 4th Avenue Sugar hill Crips (from Stone ave to Park ave, from Grant road to Speedway blvd)
  • Eastside 29th Street Crips (29th street between Craycroft & Wilmot)
  • Southside Bilby Street Crips (from Drexel to Valencia, from Old Nogales Hwy to Campbell ave)
  • Pimp Mode Thug Crips (spread through out the North, South, East & Westside of the city)
  • North Town Crips (west of Oracle to the freeway, North of Miracle Mile)
  • Eastside 29th Street Gangster Crips (from Alvernon to Wilmot)
  • Eastside 29th Street Mafia Crips (from Swan to Wilmot)
  • Southside 12th Avenue Mobster Crips (spread through out 12th avenue on the Southside)
  • Eastside Lakeside Crips (Lakeside Park on Stella and Sarnoff and surrounding area)
  • Southside 10th Avenue Project Crips (north of 10th ave to 18th street)
  • Westside Menlo Park Crips (Menlo Park on the Westside)
  • Southside Varrio Loco Crips (from Park to Campbell, from Irvington to Fair street)
  • Eastside 16th Street Crips (north of 22nd street to Broadway blvd, East of Colombus blvd)
  • Westside Jolly Ville Crips (East of Silverbell road, South of Grant road)
  • Eastside Mafia Crips (between Wilmot & Camino Seco, South of Golf Links)
  • Westside A Mountain Crips (West of Mission road, South of Star Pass blvd)
  • Westside Manzanita Lynch Mob Crips (between Cardinal & Mission road, South of Irvington road)
  • Southside Little Town Crips (between I-10 & Wilmot road, South of Valencia road)
  • South County Crips (spread through out the Southside)
  • Eastside 30Blocc Crips (spread through out Stella Road)
  • Eastside Hoodlum Street Crips
  • Down South Crips (spread through out the Southside)
  • Southside Drexel Street Crips (between Alvernon & I-10, North of Benson Hwy)
  • Eastside Tucson Gangster Crips (ESTGC)

Phoenix Metropolitan Area: (602) (623)Edit

  • Lindo Park Kitchen Crips
  • Park South Neighborhood Crips
  • 10th Ave Westside City Boot Hill Crips
  • WS 59 Hoover Criminals Gang
  • WS Rollin 60s N.H.C
  • ES 99 Mafia Crips Gang

Cass Grande Metropolitan Area

O Blocc Crips

12th Street Crips

9th Street Crips

Eloy Metropolitan Area

Trekked Park Crips

Douglas Metropolitan  Area

Lil Loc Crips


Greater Los Angeles AreaEdit

Greater SacramentoEdit

San Diego Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • NHC 47 Blocc Crips/Rollin 40's Neighborhood Crips
  • Oriental Boys Soldiers (OBS44 OBS50 OBS47) - San Diego Cambodian Crip gang
  • Oriental Killer Boys, Laotian gang
  • Oriental Mobster Crips, Laotian gang
  • Ruthless Lao Posse, Laotian gang
  • EastSide Crazy Oriental Thugz (C.O.T). Began in San Diego, California, 38th st., 46th st. and 50th st.
  • 619 Crips, Laotian gang

San Francisco Bay AreaEdit

  • Sons Of Samoa Gangster Crips


78 crips

Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit


Bloody BridgeportEdit

  • Young blood killas
  • Deuce One Crips
  • ES 973 Infamous Gangster Crips
  • ES 973 Insane Gangster Crips
  • Original Gangster Crips
  • Wild Deuce Crips

Homicide HartfordEdit

  • Silver Lane Grape Street Crips
  • Hartford Rollin' 60's NHC
  • Original Crip Gang
  • WS Rollin 60s NHC

Bangin Bloomfield

  • Ghost Town Crips
  • Southside Compton Crips
  • WS Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips
  • WS Rollin 40s NHC

Florida Edit

original west tray four famlay gangster crip

westside eight tray gangster crip

carver ranches gangster crip gang


Greater OrlandoEdit

  • Eastside cripz

South FloridaEdit

  • 45 Lakeside Crips  
  • Cooper City Crips
  • Riverside Crips
  • Rollin 20's
  • Rollin 60's
  • Nutty Blocc Gangster Crips
  • Grape Street Crips
  • Imperial Gangster Crips
  • 115th Street Crips
  • Rollin 30's
  • South Side Crips
  • Renigade Goon Crips
  • 6th Tray Gangster Crips
  • Dark Side Crips
  • Grape Vine Crips
  • Cypress Creek Crips
  • Coconut Creek Crips
  • Southgate Crips
  • Hoover Criminals Crips
  • East Side Crips
  • West Side Crips
  • Fort Lauderdale Gangster Crips
  • Rock Island Crips
  • 4 Tray Crips
  • West Atlantic Blvd Crips
  • North Side Crips
  • INSANE GANGSTER CRIPS (Fort Lauderdale)
  • Deuce m.o.b crips

Tampa Bay AreaEdit

Georgia ( east side )Edit

ROLLXN 30s DxRTGanG C^rxpk

  • ROLLIN 20s GANG C^rxpk
  • ROLLIN 50s Insxne C^rxpk
  • GD (GANGSTA DISCIPLE)(74)(64 insane
  • EastSideCrazy B*^LOOD

GEORGIA ( west side )


EBK insane C^rxpk

973 (97 trey ) C^rxpk

EIGHT-trey (83) C^rxpk

GD (GROWTH-DEVELOPMENT) (74)(360)(180)(720)(711)


BD ( BLACK DISCIPLE) (64)(24)(75)(IGD)

GEORGIA ( north-south ) Edit

  • 5 DUECE (52) HOOVER C^rxpk
  • IGC (insane gangsta-crips)
  • GD (ganstaa disciple) (74)(64)(711)
  • DAMU BLOOD GANG (5*?an?)

IdahoYellow = light,life,love,loyalty"........ Blue = speed,strength,spirit,specialitiesEdit

( eye color meanings ) Edit

Boise Metropolitan AreaEdit


Chicago Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • East Side Junior Mafia Crips
  • North Side Junior Mafia Crips
  • Santa Fe Springs Mafia Crips
  • South Side Junior Mafia Crips

Greater St. LouisEdit

  • East Side Junior Mafia Crips
  • North Side Junior Mafia Crips
  • Santa Fe Springs Mafia Crips
  • South Side Junior Mafia Crips


Indianapolis Metrolopitan AreaEdit

  • Lynwood N-Hood Crips


Quad Cities Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Lynwood Neighborhood Crip Gang


  • 606


Baton Rouge Metropolitan AreaEdit

Lake Charles Metropolitan AreaEdit

New Orleans Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Versai Gangsta Crips

Shreveport-Bossier City-Minden Combined Statistical AreaEdit

  • hoovas sixties grapes ninteens bloods bottom boyz


Hagerstown Metropolitan Are ROYAL BLUEdit


Greater BostonEdit



Detroit Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • loc boyz

Grand Rapids Metropolitan AreaEdit


Greater Grand ForksEdit

St. Cloud Metropolitan AreaEdit


Hattiesburg Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

Jackson Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

Pascagoula Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit


Lincoln Metropolitan StatisticalHill Top, 40th AVE CRIPS Edit



Las Vegas–Paradise–Pahrump Combined Statistical AreaEdit

  • North Las Vegas Gangs
  • Donna Street Crips DSC 103
  • San Chuccos (mexican gang)
  • ABM Any Body Murders
  • North Town Gangsta Crips
  • White Street Crips
  • North Town Rollin 60s
  • 004 Hoodzmen Bloods (only blood gang in north Las Vegas)
  • Arab Town Crips
  • North Town Fam
  • Top Niggaz
  • Da Wood

Reno–Sparks Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • Rollin 40's Crips

New Hampshire

- Mavis Ave Crips

New Mexico

Albuquerque Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • WS Rich Rolling Neighborhood Crip 40'S
  • 5 Deuce Hoover Crips

New YorkEdit

New York Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • 74 Hoover Criminal Gang - Crown Heights, Brooklyn, NYC
  • ES Parkside Gangsta Crips - bx (castle hill)
  • Killa Code Regime Crips, Queens NY
  • True Califronia Crips
  • 8II3 Gsc Get Str88 Cash
  • WS 52 Hoover Criminals Gang - bx (Became Decatur Avenue NYC)
  • Decatur Avenue NHC (Formally 52 HCG) - bx
  • ES Insane Deathrow Gangster Crips - bx
  • ES Original Maniac NHC - bx
  • ES Rocc-a-fella Gangster Crips -bx (became 180 Rocc Gang NHC) - not active
  • WS 773 Geer Gang Crips - bx
  • WS Rollin 30s Original Harlem Crips - 5 Boroughs
  • ES Rollin 30s Harlem Mafia Crips - 5 Boroughs
  • ES Rollin 30s Dominican Mafia Crips - bx
  • ES Rollin 30s Hundorian Mafia Crips - bx
  • ES Rollin 30s Haitian Mafia Crips - bk
  • ES Rollin 30s Mad Circle Crips - bx
  • ES Rollin 30s Silent Murderers Crips - bx
  • ES Flatbush Mafia Crips - bk
  • ES 823 Sally Gangster Crips - bk
  • WS 132nd St. Shotgun Gangster Crips - bk,bx,and qns
  • WS 92 Hoover Criminals Gang - bx (not active)
  • Martens gangster crips - bk
  • United Gangster Crips - bk
  • WS 52 Hoover Gangster Crips - ENY, BK
  • WS 92 Hoover Criminals Gang - Harlem
  • ES 823 Grimey 90's Crips - bk
  • ES 823 Ghetto Star Crips - bk
  • ES 823 Sally Matthews Crips - Bk
  • ShotGun Crip (SGC) -bx/queens/bk

North CarolinaEdit

Dunn Micropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • loa25

Durham-Chapel Hill Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • Eight Tray Gangsta Crips
  • W/S Rollin 30's Harlem Crips 39th St

Raleigh-Cary Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • 213 hoover block


Cincinnati-Northern Kentucky Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Rollin 20 NHC (R20^llin)
  • Rollin 60's Neighborhood Crips
  • Winton Terrace Crips

Columbus Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Elaine Rd Crips
  • Hamilton & Livingston Ave Crips
  • 5th Ave Crips
  • Ace Clown Crips
  • Rolling 20's Crip
  • short north Crips
  • 22nd Bloodz
  • Milo Grogan Bloodz
  • GreenBriar Gang (Crips)
  • Purple Heart Squad
  • EastHeaven Bloodz
  • Cordell Ave
  • Gay Hill Top Bloodz/Crips
  • Bottoms
  • Cut Throat bloodz - Tree Top Piru
  • H-T-R
  • Linden Ave Crips
  • Siccmade Crips

Dayton Metropolitan AreaEdit

Greater ClevelandEdit

  • Rich Block Folks
  • Madison and 8th Bloodz
  • Eastside Crips
  • Lynwood N-Hood Crip Gang
  • Rollxn 20  Crip Gang


Lawton Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

90NH Crip

60NH Crip

Hoover criminal 107

LVS - Lawton view Hoover criminal

NWG 20th-38th 90NHC

Oklahoma City Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • WS Rollin 90's NHC
  • ES Rollin 20's Long Beach Crip
  • WS Rollin 60's NHC
  • WS Hard Hoover Crips
  • WS 132nd St Shotgun Crips
  • WS Playboy Gangster Crips
  • 24K Crips
  • WS 107 Hoover Criminals Gang

Tulsa Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Hoova Crip
  • ICP Juggalo Crips


Portland Metropolitan AreaEdit

Salem Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • Rollin 20s crips
  • Rollin 30s crips
  • Rollin 40s crips
  • Rollin 60s crips
  • Rollin 80s crips
  • East Coast crips
  • Twilight zone crips 
  • Hoova crips
  • NHC Crips
  • gansgsta crips
  • Grape street watts


Easton AreaEdit

  • 1200 Block Crips

Philadelphia Metropolitan AreaEdit

North Side Crips

Puerto RicoEdit

Mayagüez Metropolitan AreaEdit

San Juan-Caguas-Guaynabo Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

Rhode IslandEdit


  • 74 Hoover Crip Gang
  • 15 Tray Gangsters (OCG)

Providence Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • O.C.G=Original Crip Gang
  • ABZ=asian boyz 
  • hbz=handover boyz
  • yb=young bloods
  • NHC Rollin60s
  • kermi crip gang
  • Laos Pride Gangsta Criop
  • Laotians Outta Control
  • Oriental Rascalz
  • Providence Street Boyz
  • Dark Side Rascalz

South CarolinaEdit

Charlotte Metropolitan AreaEdit

Columbia Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit


  • Eastside Raw Crips



  • hoover duCe nine Crip topkCity 606
  • 45 crip
  • rollin 60s crip
  • rollin 20s crip
  • 5 duce hoover crip
  • woodlawn crip


  • Indian Hill E/S 87 Kitchen Crip Gang
  • 111 neighborhood crip gang

Nashville Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • 52 Hoova Gangsta Crip
  • 98 Mafia
  • Rollin 60
  • Rollin 40
  • Rollin 30
  • 107 UGC
  • 107 Hoova


Greater AustinEdit

Dallas–Fort Worth Metroplex AreaEdit

  • SouthCide 357 Family
  • OAC Rollin 60's
  • 247 HighlandHills gangsta crips
  • Dixion Circle 357 Crips
  • GroveCide 75 crips
  • UNC Rollin 60s
  • Web Chapel Crips
  • StoneCrook R60s
  • 300 glocc crip set
  • 52 duce Hoova crips
  • 107 hoova criminals
  • parkrow 187 gangsta crips
  • Parker circle 357
  • 3037 MaMa'z Clan off shoot of SS 357 family
  • 007 Bonton crips but defuncted and became 007 bonton bloodks.
  • LoCrest Rich Rollin 60s
  • 43 gangsta crips
  • 777 Fam3 Mafia
  • 3x7 6odySnatchers Possie
  • Ski-mask clcc half are ex-357 old briargate which defunted.

Greater HoustonEdit

  • 52 Hoover Gangsta Crips

Greater San AntonioEdit

  • 52 HOOVA


Salt Lake City Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Original Laotion Gang or Original LoCedOut Gang/ Originated in Salt Lake and expanded to neighboring states.
  • Tiny Oriental Posse or Oriental Posse/ Nationwide/ No alliance
  • Asian Deuce Crip Gang/ Originated in Salt Lake expanded Orange County, Texas, Denver
  • Tiny RascKals Gang/ World Wide/ No alliance
  • Tongan Crips
  • Viet Family/Utah/ No alliance
  • Viet Boyz/ Southern California, Arizona, Utah/ No alliance
  • Asian Boyz/World Wide
  • Exotic Family City Crip originally from Long Beach
  • Lay Low Crips/Utah
  • West Side Crips
  • King Crip
  • East Side Mafia
  • Park Village Compton Crip
  • Baby Regulators
  • Lake Parc Crip Gang
  • SUR(Southsiders) 13th st, 18th st, 38th st. Chiques Trece, Florencia 13, Gardenia 13, Avenues, O13 Ogden Trece, Alley Boy Gang

Ogden–Clearfield Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Tiny Rasckal Gang
  • Ogden 13


Burlington–South Burlington Metropolitan AreEdit



  • cream 95
  • 213 black young disciples
  • loa "loyalty over all "25st
  • abm "all bout money"
  • hoover deuce

Great Road/Virginia Beach-Norfolk-Newport News-MarionEdit

  • Great Road Crips-Virginia Beach Crips-Norfolk Crip-Marion OG's


187 crips

grape street crips


Seattle Metropolitan AreaEdit

  • Marvin Gangsta Crips (EBK)

West VirginiaEdit

Charleston Metropolitan Statistical AreaEdit

  • Rollin 20'z
  • 3rd Block Cripz
  • O.C.G=Original Crip Gang
  • Hilltop Crips
  • East Coast Cripz
  • Crazzzy Charleston Cripz


Green BayEdit

  • 920 crips 

Greater MilwaukeeEdit


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