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  • Rollin 20's West Coast Crips
  • Rollin 30's West Coast Crips (Blue & Gold)
  • Rollin 40's NeighborHood Crips (Colors: Carolina Blue/White)
  • 45 Samoan Crips
  • Sons of Samoa
  • Bahala Na Barkada
  • Bloccide Crips (defunct)
  • Ghost Town Crips (defunct)
  • East Dago Mob Crips 44,46
  • Africa Mafia Crips
  • Rollin 60's Linda Vista Crips
  • Tiny Oriental Crips
  • Garden Boy Crips
  • Oriental Mob Crips
  • Tiny Eastside Crips
  • Viet Boyz
  • Asian Crip Boyz
  • Deep Valley Crips
  • Crook Mob Gangster Crips
  • Westside Crips (defunct)


  • Ocean View Park Brims
  • Crestwood Park Damus
  • South Side 59 Brims - 5/9
  • Syndo Mob Bloods (S.M.B)
  • Emerald Hills Bloods - E/H/B (gray rag)
  • Up Town "LiL'Africa" Pirus - L/A/P (color:red)
  • Lincoln Park Bloods - L/P/B (green rag)
  • O'Farrell Park Gangsters - O/P/B (black rag)
  • Skyline Piru - E/S/P (maroon rag)
  • Skyline Parkside Piru
  • Skyline Samoa 54 Piru
  • Bahala Na Gang
  • B Down Boys
  • Akrho Pinoy
  • Asian Insane Bloods
  • South Side Syko Posse (defunct)
  • GroveTown Murder Krew
  • Casa de Oro Bloods
  • Samahang Dugong Pinoys
  • Deep Valley Bloods


  • Insane Diego Mob
  • Four Corners of the World (defunct)
  • Stateside Islanders
  • Satanas
  • Oriental Killer Boys
  • Tiny Rascals Gang
  • Black Mob


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