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[1]Tekya "Abramz" Abraham is a socially conscious hiphop artist (emcee/rapper & bboy/breakdancer).
Member of Ugandan veteran hiphop duo (Sylvester & Abramz).
Member of Rock Steady Crew (RSC). Director/founder of Breakdance Project Uganda (BPU), a voluntary non profit organisation that uses breaking and other elements of hiphop to promote positive social change and social responsibility.
Abramz is one the known and respected Ugandan hiphop veterans who have played a major role in shaping, spreading and sharing this culture right from the grassroots level. He got into the hiphop as a kid. He started dancing in 1991 and emceeing (rapping) in 1992 and is still going strong.
Abramz is an artist who dedicated his creativity, skills, gifts, time and talent to empowerment, entertainment, education, development of communities and individuals as well speaking for the voiceless.
He does this through Rap music performances/recordings/workshops, Dance performances/workshops, Motivational speaking, Interactive/Participatory discussions, Creative games, Organizing/Hosting community events, Organizing exchange programs and occasionally uses visual arts & drama/theatre.
Over the years, Abramz has performed, taught, facilitated workshops and spoken at seminars in so many communities across Uganda. He has also got opportunities to carry out similar work in different parts of the world such as Zanzibar, Burkina Faso, Denmark, Senegal, Poland, Italy, Austria, South Africa, USA, and Germany.
He carries out this work both locally and internationally in schools (Kindergartens, primary, secondary, colleges & universities), community centres/spaces, NGOs, Prisons (both juvenile and adult), Drug rehabiliation centres, orphanages, Children's homes, seminars, festivals/arts events, associations, clubs, companies, on the streets , among other places.
His art, work and innovations have also traveled to so many places on earth where he has never physically been.
His art is inspired by his life lessons which have shaped him into the kind of person he is. Everyone is a student and teacher so Abramz still learns from all the people he meets regardless of age, size, gender, race, nationality, tribe, religion, educational background etc.
Thank you so much for all your love and support.
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Bana Mutibwa is a direct Luganda translation that derives from his original nick name Burney MC. He was born Walakira Richard in 1989 in the suburbs of Kampala.

Bana Mutibwa is a Hip Hop activist who raps and talks for Hip Hop in Uganda. "The 2011 Music and Entertainment Young Achievers Award" winner is also member of the Luga Flow Army, a rap group that fronts and protects the uniqueness of rapping and emceeing in local languages.

An ambassador of the global End of the Weak in Uganda, which is a movement towards the Hip Hop cultural improvement. He advocates for languages so call him the Luga Flow Revolutionary Activist.

Bana Mutibwa released his 1st CD “Uganda Passport” the mixtape on 12/12/12, packaged with messages of a Ugandan who wants to be a Global citizen. His currently working on an album entitled “Soldier of the Year”

Bana Mutibwa has played in Kenya, Tanzania, Germany, France, Denmark and Czech Republic. He has opened up for Emmanuel Jal and shared the stage with world reknown Hip Hop artists like Kendrick lamar, Dela Soul, Big Daddy Kane, Prago Union among others.


DTM (definitions of togwamumanyi). Definitions of togwamumanyi  is a ugandan youth hiphop artists collective  that is housed in Breakdance project uganda family . It was started on the 2 january 2010 by Jora mc aka Ssekitoleko Joram ,Taye a.k.a Tayebwa Augustus, Kibuuka Mukisa  Oscar ,  Mpashan a.k.a.mpagi issa , Bboy fullmoon a.k.a Egesa eric.since the groups inception ,  different elemental practitioners including Bboys/bgirls ,graffiti writters, beatboxers have joined and supported within the hiphop community, local schools and organisations. The group has performed at shows and stages including Hiphop for society , World music day , Aids awareness day.since the groups inception ,  different elemental practitioners including Bboys/bgirls ,graffiti writters, beatboxers have joined and supported within the hiphop community, local schools and organisations.Method of teaching :The group follows a theoretical and practical approach to rap with focus on educating rappers and artists to be more aware about the music bussiness .The group members have different experience with teaching throughout kampala and working with different organisations in uganda supporting different causes. recently the group members Taye and mc space did a rappathon for Days for Girls, an organisation that spreads awareness about female hygiene and sexual reproductive health. Dtm continues to hold classes, battles, formulate different rap exercises to teach and educate up and coming rappers. they can be found every monday at Nsambya Sharing youth center . 5pm-8pm holding rgular classes. At the moment the group is working on releasing its original  material collected over the years. Different cyphers can be found from different sources on the internet. .EditEdit

Y. Wonder wai The mic is on. M.M.A.F The humblest rapper, with a real home story, touching hearts from his art of revelations. My story long.








  • KING L G meaning kING LEGEND D' GREK [Greatest Rapper Ever Known] was originally born MPUUGA CLIFFORD MAGEZI ATWOOKI a prince of BUNYORO kingdom in western Uganda in Kampala city. He grew up with his mom from the suburbs of Kibuli upto his primary education when he went to live with his father and siblings [rapper flawless] in Nsambya and studied a bachelor in industrial and fine art at the national university of MAKERERE [M.A.K].
  • KING L G is a hiphop rap/trap artist and producer, inspired by the mysteries of life to write songs like DEAR KARMA that managed to drive him into the hearts of hip hop activists.
  • He started T.O.G records [ THE OLD GANG] IN 2011 to promote hiphop music and DDH [ DIRTY DIAMONDS HOUSE] 2012 to promote underground rap.




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  • Shanx Idolla

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