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Gangs in Crenshaw, Los Angeles


  • Black P. Stones
  • Black P. Stone Jungles
  • Black P. Stone City Side Bloods
  • Crenshaw Mafia
  • Van Ness Gangster Brims
  • Inglewood Family Gang Bloods
  • Centinela Park Family Pirus
  • Rollin 20s Neighborhood Bloods
  • Rolliin 50's Bloods (Starts at 48th Crenshaw)



I be that ni99a SMOKES ...

Asian gangsEdit

  • Asian Boyz \*ABZ*
  • Suicidal Town Crip\*STC*
  • Exotic Family City Crip\*EFCC*
  • Asian Boyz\*ABZ*
  • Sons Of Samoa\*SOS*
  • Laos Cambodian Vietnamese Crip\*LCV*
  • Vietnamese Boyz\*VBZ*
  • Wah Ching\*WC*
  • Tiny Raskals\*TRG*


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