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Zone 1

  • Y.M-Young Money (Bankhead)
  • Y.S.M-Young Squad Mafia (Zone 1)
  • T.S-Trap Squad (Zone 1)
  • B.R.C-Baker Rd. Click (Bankhead)
  • Y.D.C-Young Dangerous Click (Bowen Homes)
  • M.D.C-Most Dangerous Click (Bowen Homes)
  • S.F.-Street Family South (Henry County)
  • G.S-Goone Squad (Zone 1)
  • B.S-Bomb Squad (Zone 1)
  • 10-10 Young Niggaz (Da Bluff)
  • D.4.L-Down 4 Life (Bowen Homes)
  • D.F.B-Dem Franchize Boyz (Bankhead)
  • M.S-Murder Squad (Allan Rachel)
  • Y.T-Young Team (6 ward)
  • 60’s-Rollin 60’s Crips (Bankhead)
  • G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (Bankhead)
  • Sur13- Surenos 13 (Hollywood Rd.)
  • F.S.C-Fair Street Crips (Fair st.)
  • T.T.G-Train To Go (da bluff)
  • G.M.P.L (Bankhead)
  • D-Diablos (Zone 1)
  • B.M.F- Black Mafia Family (Simpson Rd, Ashby, Vine City)

Zone 2

  • Sur 13-Surenos (Defoors Ave, Morogoso Ave, Lindbergh)
  • L.G.F.- La Gran Famillia (Riverside, Bolton Rd, Collier Rd)
  • L.K.'s- Latin Kings (Lindbergh)
  • A.L.K.Q.N.- Almighty Latin King Queen Nation (Roswell Rd, Howell Mill, Collier Rd, Lindbergh, LaVista, Buford Hwy) *note: not the same as L.K's
  • B.P.S.-Black P Stones (Collier Rd)
  • B.M.F.- Black Mafia Family (Atlantic Station, West Midtown)

Zone 3

  • D&D-Down & Dirty (Mechanicsville)
  • Y.G.C-Young Gunna Crew (4 season)
  • 30-Thirty Deep (Mechanicsville)
  • M.S-Merk Squad (Summer Hill)
  • C.T-Click Treal (Mechanicsville)
  • Y.C-Young Choppers (Thomasville)
  • Y.D-Young Diplomats (Summer Hill)
  • L.K‘s-Latin Kings (Grant Park)
  • Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Grant Park, Trestletree Apartments)
  • H.S-Hit Squad (College Park)
  • 10/10-Ten 10 (East Point)
  • S.S.C-Southside Crips (East Point, Forest Park)
  • 4.C.H.B-4 Corner Hustler Bloods (College Park)
  • L.K’s-Latin Kings (East Point)
  • G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (East Point, Zone 3)
  • G.T.S.N-Gangster Two-Six Nation (Forest Park)
  • Sur13-Surenos 13 (Forest Park)
  • M.B-Maylen Boyz (Pittsburgh)
  • Y.P.N-Young Paid Niggaz (Jonesboro South)
  • S.B-Solider Boyz (Zone 3)
  • W.B.C-White Boy Click (Cabbagetown)
  • D.S-Doom Squad (Summer Hill)
  • E.W.C-Englewood Click (Englewood manor)

Zone 4

  • KKK- Kut Khroat Komity (Zone 4)
  • B.H.S-Ben Hill Squad (Ben Hill)
  • Y.M-Young Mafia (Ben Hill)
  • Y.S-Young Squad (Oakland City)
  • B.S-Beecher Squad (Cascade, 1500 Block)
  • Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Cascade)
  • GTO-GTO Bad Boyz (West End)
  • G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (Adamsville)

Zone 5

  • Y.C-Young Crew (4th ward, Boulevard, Wheat St.)
  • 3C-Triple Cross (4th ward, Boulevard)
  • Y.S-Young Squad ( 4th ward, Grady Homes)
  • L.K-Low Key (4th ward, Boulevard)
  • I.S.G-Irwin Street Gorillas (4th Ward, Irwin St.)
  • Y.P-Young Posse (Techwood)
  • G.M.B-Get Money Boyz (4th ward, Boulevard)
  • Y.Y.C-Young Young Crew (4th ward, Boulevard)
  • Y.V-Young Vard (4th ward, Boulevard)
  • B.M.F- Black Mafia Family (Boulevard & North Ave, 4th Ward)
  • Zoe Pound (Fort St, Edgewood Ave between Fort St and Boulevard, Pink City)
  • C.T.E. aka C.T.C.-Cut Throat Crips (4th Ward, Boulevard, Irwin St, Glen Iris, Ralph Mcghill Blvd, Cosby Spears, North Ave, Racine St, Auburn Ave, Edgewood Ave, Pink City, GlassStone) note*-affiliated with BMF or Black Mafia Family

Zone 6

  • E.A.B.H.B- East Atlanta Bounty Hunter Bloods (East Atlanta, Flat Shoals, Moreland Ave, Glenwood, East Lake, Memorial Dr, Decatur, Candler Rd)
  • Squad Stay Strap (Reynolstown, East Atlanta, 4-way)
  • Y.D-Young Dipset (Reynoldstown)
  • D.T.E-Duct Tape (Edgewood)
  • D.M.E-Dirty Money (Edgewood)
  • G.B-Gutta Boyz (Egdewood)
  • Q-F-Quick Flip (Kirkwood)
  • B.F.P- Battlefield Pirus (Edgewood)
  • S.U-Sqad Up (Reynoldstown)
  • E.L.H.H-East Lake Hard Headz (East Lake)
  • Y.B.B-Young Block Boyz (Reynoldstown, 4-way)
  • Y.B.G-Young Block Girls (Reynoldstown, 4-way)
  • L.H.S-Lady Hit Squad (Egdewood)
  • G.D’s-Gangster Disciples (East Atlanta)
  • D.P-Da Posse (East Atlanta)
  • Garonteed Ent.Gang (Lithonia/
  • 3-6 Mafia-3-6 Mafia FLOKK (Zone 6)
  • I.G’s-Imperial Gangsters (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
  • S.O.B-Shoot Out Boyz (East Atlanta, Gresham RD.)
  • B.R.B-Bouldercrest Road Boyz (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
  • G.R.C-Gresham RD. Click (East Atlanta, Gresham RD.)
  • L.K’s-Latin Kings (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
  • B.C.D.B-Bouldercrest Down Boyz (East Atlanta, Bouldercrest RD.)
  • G.M.C-Get Money Crew (Memorial East Apartment/Memorial DR.)
  • Y.S.H-Young Squad Hoes (East Atlanta)
  • Y.P.C-Young Paper Chasers (Kirkwood)
  • M.T.B.H-Martrail Bloodhound (Zone 6)
  • H.B-Hamp Boyz (East Atlanta, East Hampton Apartments)
  • G.K.B- Gangsta Killa Bloods/ G-Shine Bloods (East Atlanta, Moreland Ave)
  • M.T.B.H.B- Marktrail Bounty Hunter Bloods (Candler Rd, MarkTrail, MaCaffe Rd, Columbia Dr)

by gangs


  • Young Dipset
  • 4.C.H.B-4 Corner Hustler Bloods (College Park)
  • M.T.B.H.B- Marktrail Bounty Hunter Bloods (Candler Rd, MarkTrail, MaCaffe Rd, Columbia Dr)
  • G.K.B- Gangsta Killa Bloods/ G-Shine Bloods (East Atlanta, Moreland Ave)


  • Rollin 60’s Crips
  • F.S.C-Fair Street Crips (Fair st.)
  • S.S.C-Southside Crips (East Point, Forest Park)
  • G.B-Gutta Boyz (Egdewood) (Originated from Rollin 60's)


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