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Mob Shit
Mixtape by Crime Mob
Hosted by DJ Scream
Released December 5, 2006
Genre/Style Crunk
Last album Crime Mob
This album Mob Shit
Next album Hated on Mostly

track ListingEdit

1. intro

2. 2nd look

3. beat yo face up

4. lets git buck

5. rock yo hips ft. lil scrappy

6. jock and psycho black speak

7. flexin

8. type of pit

9. diamond and princess speak

10. deep off in yo party

11. yall dont want none ft. waco of utp

12. beat his azz

13. poppin

14. detroit digital interlude

15. bow dat hoe

16. haitin on my click

17. ridin 26s

18. this is 4 my

19. diamond and princess outro

20. trials and tribulations

21. fuck dat shit that you talking

22. fuck nigga

23. ill beat yo ass


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