JAMHAITIAN Montreal Hater Capital Vol Bumboclaat 1-front-large
Montreal Hater Capital Vol Bumboclaat 1
Mixtape by Jamhaitian
Hosted by
Released 2011
Recorded 2010-2011
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label Royalty Ent.
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This album Montreal Hater Capital Vol Bumboclaat 1
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Track listingEdit

1. Goin Hard

2. Running Dis Game

3. All The Way We Burn Em

4. We Not The Same

5. Im Good

6. Bow Down

7. Hater Capital Wats Up

8. Dem A Talk About Me

9. Bedpop

10. All I Do Is Win-Hater Capital Remix

11. 5 Star Bitch-Hater Capital Remix

12. You A No Badman

13. Mi Ready

14. Never Left

15. So Blitz,So Wasted

16. Fuck Wat They Say

17. Forever Burning

18. U Not A Gangsta

19. Man A Top A Top

20. Bloodclaat fed Up

21. Bun Dem Now

22. Mi Get Bloodclaat Money

23. Realer Then Real

24. Alot Of Gunshot Bussing

25. So Hard-Hater Capital Remix

26. A So It Go-Hater Capital


  • Never Left
  • Mi Ready
  • We Not The Same


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