Muscles (2007 album)
Studio Album by Grandmaster Melle Mel
Released January 23, 2007
Recorded 2006
Genre/Style Hip hop, Hardcore rap, East Coast Rap
Label Power House Entertainment
Producer(s) Melle Mel, Frank G
Last album Right Now
This album Muscles
Next album

Muscles is the debut solo album by hip hop musician, Mele Mel, despite being involved in the rap music industry since 1978. The album was released January 23, 2007 for Power House Entertainment and was produced by Mele Mel and Frank G. The album gained positive reviews but was a commercial failure and did not chart on the album charts. One single was released - "M-3: The New Message" on download and 12" promo (simply titled "M-3" on the album), however that too did not chart.

Ice Cube appeared on the album's intro.

Track listingEdit

1. "Ice Cube Intro / Blow" - 2:17

2. "The Clapper" - 4:01

3. "New Truck" - 4:52

4. "M-3" - 4:11

5. "Left, Right, Left" - 4:40

6. "Muscles" - 4:12

7. "One More" - 4:17

8. "Dimelo (featuring Lynx)" - 4:06

9. "Hit List" - 4:11

10. "Move" - 4:22

11. "Another Hot Track" - 4:02

12. "Oh! What a Night" - 3:56

13. "Tha Bushes" - 6:31

14. "Cotton" - 4:30

15. "Crossfire" - 5:15

16. "Sellin' Those Things" - 4:09

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