Parkside Piru
In Paradise Hills
Founded by Dave Lopez &AL General A.K A JG ?
Colors Red/Navy Black/White
Years active
Territory Paradise Hills. East Baltimore/Belair Rd ?
Ethnicity African-American
Criminal activities Murder, Assault, Drug trafficking, Arms trafficking, Robbery
Allies Bloods/Pirus, Skyline Pirus, 54 Samoa Pirus, O’Farrell Park Banksters
Rivals West Coast Crips,Rollin 40s Neighborhood Crips, East Dago Mob Crips, Lincoln Park Bloods, 5-9 SouthSide Brims.

The Parkside Pirus/Bloods (PSP) are primarily an African-American/Black street gang located in the Paradise Hills neighborhood on the East Side of Southeast San Diego, California. The Parkside Piru’s share their community (Paradise Hills) with a hispanic gang known as the Paradise Hills Locos. Who, mainly fued with other Latino gangs in the National City, neighborhood of San Diego.

The Parkside Pirus are one of the few gang (beside Lil Africa Piru), who originated in Southeast San Diego, with no connection to gangs in South Los Angeles, formerly known as “South Central,” or Piru gangs in Compton, California. They can be found around Parkside Ave and Atla View, and King Liqour Store as well as the Parkside Neighborhood Park.


Beta Bossalini & Juice Lee are rappers/pimps from Parkside Piru, who have collaborated with a number of rapper’s such as of The two was also featured in “Cross Country Pimping 3” filmed by Michael Maroy, of In 2012, Beta Bossalini And Juice Lee were featured on Lifetime special, America Most Wanted: Sex trafficking Part 2.

In 2007, Beta Bossalini and Juice Lee created juiced Up (energy drink). The two can be heard regularly using the expression “Juiced Up, Thumbs Down. The “Thumbs Down,” is a slogan used by many native’s of San Diego, which is a reference to San Diego, being at the bottom on the California map. Killa Block is another rapper, who is affiliated with the Parkside Pirus.


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