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This wikia refers to the small underground label Reps Up Entertainment, which is a Canadian label based out of Galloway, a urban project area in Scarborough,  a discipline of the Greater Toronto Area.

Reps Up Entertainment
Parent company
Founded 2003
Founder Gillatein
Distributor(s) RCA Records (distributes for solely P. Reign)
Styles Rap, Hip-Hop, Canadian hip-hop, Gangsta rap, Underground hip-hop
Country of Origin Canada
Location Galloway, Scarborough, Ontario
Official Website

Reps Up Entertainment: Roster of Current ArtistsEdit



  • The Reps (The Reps Family) - Hot Winters (Hosted by Big Mike alongside Big Apple)
  • Gillatein- Stay Solid: The Hood Movement
  • Gillatein- For the Streets, Vol. 1 (Hosted by DJ Thoro)
  • P. Reign- The Canadian Dream
  • Sha Hustle- A$XD: A Dollar and a Dream- The Sample
  • Sha Hustle- Fatality
  • Sha Hustle (as Bobbi Lee Swagger)- Fatality 2: Finish 'Em
  • Cokekeys Car'tel- 999
  • Cokekey$ Car'tel- Metro Housing Flow (Hosted by Breakfa$t Club Boys)
  • Cokekey$ Car'tel- Metro Housing Flow 2 (Hosted by D.J. Gutta)
  • Cokekey$ Car'tel- Sophisticated Hustle- The Sample Mixtape (Presented by Kill Em' Kazz) 
  • HighGradeTV/ D.J. Rated R- Canadian Kush, Vol. 1, (Hosted by Cokekey$ Car'tel)


  • P. Reign- When It Reigns It Pours 

         Sales: 2,000 copies



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