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  • Fruitridge road (The Ridge)
  • Oak Park ( The P)
  • Mack road
  • Florin road



  • Strawberry Mannors
  • Elm Street
  • Beldon Street
  • True Heights Villans
  • Flats
  • Beast Mobb
  • Del Paso Heights
  • Valley High Pirus
  • MeadowView/Meadowview Bloods
  • Detroit Blvd
  • Oak Park Bloods 33st
  • Lincoln Village /East Side Piru
  • Oak Park Bloods 4th Ave


8 Tongan Crip Gang 29st


  • Hillsdale North Highlands XIV
  • Varrio North Sacra XIV
  • Varrio Gardenland XIV
  • Del Paso Heights XIV
  • Garden Block Nortenos XIV 29st / Varrio Gardens XIV
  • Barrio Franklin Boys XIV
  • Diamonds XIV
  • Broderick Boys XIV

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