Stick-Up Kids
Founded by
Years active
Colors Red
Territory Flemingdon Park, North York. Chandler Block, Kitchener
Ethnicity mostly Jamaicans
Criminal activities drug dealing
Allies Bloods


A mainly youth orientated street gang from Toronto operating out of the Kitchener Cambridge North York|Flemingdon Park]] area in North York, Ontario, Canada. Most members are in their early to late teens, although there are some alleged members in their mid to early 20's as well. The Stick-Up Kids are mainly involved in street level muggings, assaults and hold-ups, although it is also believed that they are known to "stick-up" would-be drug dealers just the same. The Stick-Up Kids (or S.U.K) are said to have aligned themselves with the Crips (although members are not known for wearing the loods' traditional red attire) and shares the Flemingdon Park area with another youth gang called the Lil' Rascalz.Founded by Dirk young Victoria St slingerz you know

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