Also known as T-Dot
Birth date July 13, 1985
Birth name
Born in West Palm Beach, Florida
Origin West Palm Beach, Florida
Current City West Palm Beach, Florida
Styles Hip-Hop, Hardcore hip hop, Gangsta rap, Crunk
Occupation(s) Rapper
Years active 2004/2005-present
Label(s) Yoppa Entertainment
Associated acts Flatline Mafia, Shellshock'D, Suave Smooth, Zone Boy, Cool Cake


T-Dot born and raised in Palm Beach County, FL started his music career off at an early age watching his younger cousin Spiracy and older brother make music. Being inspired and motivated by Hip-Hop music T-Dot knew right then music will be his easy key to success. But T-Dot still had to battle what some may call the “Struggle” of growing up in an urban community. Dealing with Poverty, Drugs, and close friend's passing away was a lot for T-Dot to deal with. T-Dot took his “Struggle”, “Pain”, and “Emotions” and started expressing his inner feelings through his music.

When you listen to T-Dot you can’t compare him to other artists in the Hip-Hop genre. T-Dot raps real life experiences with versatile lyrics. A style that can be felt regardless of what culture or race. You can feel the “Hunger”, the “Devotion” that T-Dot expresses. T-Dot is here to put an end to simple rhyming with rappers talking about materialistic things that everyday normal people cannot afford.

T-Dot is bringing back real Hip-Hop like the “Tupac’s”, the “Soulja Slims”, and “Scarface’s” with his own style of music. If your tired of the same repetitive rap style than this is the perfect album for you. The “Sleep When I Die” album takes listeners on a journey through missions of survival!


  • Sleep When I Die Vol.1
  • Sleep When I Die Vol0. 2


  • Cake Cake
  • Who Gives A F#ck Where U From

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