IBlast The Blast Off-front-large-1-
The Blast Off
Mixtape by I.Blast
Hosted by DirtWork Productions (producer)
Released 2007
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label Real Big Records
Producer(s) DirtWork Productions, Theory Beatz, Fullclip
Last album
This album The Blast Off
Next album The Human Gun


1. Intro (Prod by DirtWork Productions)

2. DG Anthem

3. A Nation of Thugs feat. Street Cypha Star

4. One for the Ladies (prod. by Theory Beatz)

5. Freestyle Blend

6. For my Niggaz feat.Young Jedi

7. I'm Gettin Money Boy feat. Bezel

8. Cake Clan feat. Street Cypha Star, Chaze One

9. It's all About You (prod. by DirtWork Productions)

10. A Fresh 40 bars of Death

11. Live Niggaz feat. Magnum 357 (prod. by DirtWork Productions)

12. Between Trials feat. Jimmie Dollar$

13. All Out

14. Live From DG

15. Stand Back

16. Sip Till We Drunk feat. Kurt Kokaine (prod. by Theory Beatz)

17. The Blast Off feat. Chaze One (prod. by Fullclip)

18. From DG to Harlem feat. 40 Cal (prod. by Full Clip)

19. Freestyle

20. Mean wit Da Swag feat. Loss One, Chaze One

21. X Amount of Slugs

22. Ice Cream Freestyle feat. Loss One, UrBn Logix, Grimy

23. They Smokin Now feat. UrBn Logix

24. Another Story

25. Play Wit Ya Pussy feat. Jimmie Dollar$, Teflon

26. Elmz Block Banger feat. Street Cypha Star


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