Trigeration Station
Studio Album by Mitchy Slick
Released November 6, 2001
Recorded 2001
Genre/Style Hip Hop, Underground hip-hop, Gangsta rap
Length 1:14:23
Label Presidential Records, Tha Wrongkind Records
Producer(s) E-Low, E-Cay Uno, Cricet
Last album
This album Trigeration Station
Next album XXL Guns Vol. 1:Killafornia Handgunner

Trigeration Station was the first album by San Diego rapper Mitchy Slick.

Track listingsEdit

1. "Intro" 2:51

2. "Regular Nigg'n" (Prod. E-Low) 4:07

3. "Yeah Dat" ft Damu & Don Diego (Prod. E-Low) 3:46

4. "Hate Factor" ft Yukmouth (Prod. Cricet) 4:15

5. "Real Gang Injunction [Broadcasted]" 0:31

6. "Trigeration Station" 4:46

7. "Thug 'N For A Living" ft Chance Capone, Cricet (Prod. Cricet) 4:04

8. "Bringindawholeset" (Prod. Cricet) 4:38

9. "Bowtie Brigade" (Prod. Cricet) 4:27

10. "Connected" ft E-40 (Prod. Cricet) 4:16

11. "Trigery Bitch (Skit)" 1:32

12. "Fuck Bitches" ft Problum Child, Mali & Don Diego (Prod. Cricet) 4:49

13. "Groupie" ft Gene (Prod. Cricet) 4:43

14. "Cyber Grindin'" ft Black Mikey (Prod. Cricet) 3:54

15. "Klacked On (Skit)" (Prod. Cricet) 0:57

16. "What If" (Prod. Cricet) 4:33

17. "Wrong Kind Anthem" ft Don Diego (Prod. Cricet) 3:47

18. "Maniac" ft Guce & Mali (Prod. Cricet) 4:47

19. "Young Homies" (Prod. Cricet) 7:31


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