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Under Rated: Da Street Tape
Mixtape by C.a.M.
Released July 10, 2011
Genre/Style Hip-Hop
Label CAM Productions
Producer(s) C.a.M
Last album Tha Coldfront Mixtape
This album Under Rated: Da Street Tape
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track listingEdit

1.C.a.M.-i aint playin

2.C.a.M.-Top Notch Flow

3.Serious ft Jay

4.C.a.M.-Im Back Flow

5.C.a.M.-Im Boomin Flow

6.C.a.M.-Goin Thru Some Thangs(too much flow)

7.C.a.M.-Tell Me Dat

8.C.a.M.-Hard In Tha Concrete

9.C.a.M.-Middle finger to da otha side(f--k da otha side flow)

10.C.a.M.-I Dont Trust You(F-ck You Flow)

11.C.a.M.-She Bad Aint it(official)

12.C.a.M.-Get Away Flow

13.C.a.M. ft Realah-too real

14.Yeah datz me ft. Mr.Quarter Key,Ayrab

15.C.a.M. ft MG da badguy-U a rookie

16.C.a.M.-Beat Without Bass Flow

17.C.a.M.-Dick Pleaser Flow-

18.C.a.M. Yung Star Jay-Swagg-off top mixed

19.C.a.M.-U dont want it(600 benz flow)

20.C.a.M.-I Just wanna fuck her (I dont love her remix)

21.C.a.M.-Who gone stop me (cabin fever flow)

22.C.a.M.-Look At Me Now Remix ft.Lil Wayne---


24.C.a.M.-Black and Yellow Flow--


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