"UJIMA meaning Collective Work and Responsibility" IT takes a VILLAGE to raise a child together UJIMA VILLAGE was founded in 1972 which later became known as UJIMA VILLAGE GANGSTA to VILLAGE TOWN HUSTLAS ,In the late 70's early 80's other gangs didnt recognized the VILLAGE as  bloods or crips  ,it was a one stop spot to get whatever u wanted in the DRUG trade it was a HUSTLERS home. ,In the late year of 1981 VILLAGE TOWN HUSTLAS change there name to VILLAGE TOWN PIRU,Now its  known to  be one of the most NOTORIOUS hated neighborhoods through out compton & LA ,the housing complex is closed down. But the gang still have vast number in active members through out  Los angeles & Compton ,VILLAGE TOWN PIRU has another hood in LANCASTER Ca. called    "VILLAGE TOWN LANCASTER BREW". You can also find them in Perris California, Burks apartments in downtown LA. Members are known to sport burgundy, red or brown articles of clothing, with younger members stretching there territory from 120th to El Segundo and central to figueroa and adopting the wearing of all Burgandy VIRGINA TECH(VT)  caps. Their territory is located on the boarder line of  Compton.

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