Violence is not always the ANWSER
Mixtape by Snagga Shee
Mixtape hosted by DJ Kay Slay
Released 2007
Recorded 2007
Genre/Style Canadian hip-hop, Gangsta rap
Last album
This album
Next album Gangsta Shit For Breakfast


1. snagga shee - kit kay slay

2. snagga shee - i run mont real

3. snagga shee - real city gangs

4. roi heenok - skit

5. snagga shee - im from

6. snagga shee - slow down (remix)

7. kay slay - skit

8. snagga shee feat c-lo - for my dons

9. snagga shee - gin and juice (remix)

10. kay slay - skit

11. snagga shee - jha jha save ur life

12. snagga shee - revenge

13. kay slay - skit

14. snagga shee feat jr ryder - talk about it

15. snagga shee - get money

16. snagga shee - fex ryder

17. snagga shee - my squad

18. kay slay - skit

19. snagga shee - leave by the gun

20. snagga shee feat shaunt adonisken master millz and justice - back to back

21. snagga shee feat s-cro - bust shots

22. kay slay - skit

23. snagga shee feat guilligwan and ti-kid - get away (remix)

24. kay slay - skit

25. Snagga Shee feat seul, le cid, Le Voyou - what u know about french

26. Snagga Shee - im gon make it

27. kay slay - skit

28. Snagga Shee - I know u dont love me

29. kay slay - skit

30. snagga shee - represent real city

31. snagga shee & kay slay - outro and bonus tracks


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