MCs This section is for artists (signed or unsigned) whom I've researched and listened to many times and everytime I hear them they have some sick shit to spit. The ResearchersView includes: Jay-Z "Because, shit he IS Jay" Saigon "Saigon is one of the realest conscious rappers today" Rakim "The R 'til the end...need I say more?" Joell Ortiz "This kid is very impressive. Can't wait to hear if he can hold a major-released album down." Lord Tariq "Tariq never fell off, even his Uptown Baby verse was hood." B'way "Found this kid on myspace...not the average MC of 2day, he's lyrical AND he can make a hit record." Recognize Real "This dude has a lot of potential, haven't heard too much from him but what I did hear was all tight." Knoc-Turn'al "Knoc is one of the more decent lo-key MCs who's always spittin'."


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