Zoe Pound Entertainment (logo)
Zoe Pound Entertainment
Parent company
Founder Blind
Styles Hip-Hop, Gangsta rap
Country of origin United-States
Location Miami, Florida
Official Website


Zoe Pound is a movement deeper that just some Haitian's representing a Red and Blue National Flag. It's a lifestyle, a way of doing things, most importantly it's about being you.

Mike G of Southern Hightz has his "G MUZIK" Street Album Coming Soon. with Smash Hits.. "Goes Down" with Juvenile, "My People Them" wit Papa Duck and Black Dada, and "Bizzy"..."Stripper/Shawty".. plus many JYNXIII.. AMZ... FELONY..JIMMYDADE..etc

JYNXIII of Southern Hightz has his " Kamakaze Life Style Mixtape" coming out soon ..with feat..from Pressure... Mike G... Cokain... Cee Tension, Jay Z.... Pac a Star.. Rony J... Lil Wayne...Southern Hightz.. VCR.. and many more... Look Out for "Know Jah"...ft PRESSURE....."Finest Girl" and "I'm A G"

Southern Hightz is n Tha lab wit big reggae artiest "PRESSURE" working on smash hit called "CANT TRUST YAH" look out for that soon...

Check Out : "The G Luv Mixtape" Brought to you by MIKE G... with music from Keyshia Cloe, Keri Hilson , Ace 1, JynxIII.. Neo Brown.. Ballgreezy...Supreme...and many more

Free Mac-A-Zoe, Free GoGo, Free Junkie-Junk, Free Thump, Free Nick and the rest of the warriors.

Rest in peace to Big Chub, Solo, C-Hound, Louie Joe and FaFa

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Check Out : " The U Mixtape" for all tha University of MIAMI fans who loves tha" U" and the Football team hosted by The Future Of Entertainment with Mike G and Southern Hightz...Trick Daddy...Drake.. & many more

Check out: "Street Riot Radio" Mixtape Hosted by DJ L.O.S .... with Nicki Minaj...Lil Wayne ....Mike G, Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Southern Hightz...Plies.. Supreme.. Gucci.. and many more...

New Video "PLENTY NIGGAS" with Mike G , Felony and Yung Rockah on Now check it Out

Check Out for behind the scenes of tha Plenty Nigga Video Shoot.. with Southern Hightz... AMZ... Nu Kingdum..Ifap..VCR.... Keep it 100... LiL haiti Goons... Zoe Pound Ent... Valholla ... Greenbags ENT.. We Good... and Many more R.I.P. Dj Killa Mike

Check Out behind the scenes footage from tha "Love Of My Life" on R.I.P. Dj killa Mike

Check Out: IFAP Compilation Vol.UNO Mixtape... by NACHO TYPIAL a collection of his production... all beats and production by Jim Jones from Dipset..Marquetta, Mcklezie from grind mode... Money Mills from IFAP.... J-ICE, Pretty Ricky... Suthan Boy... Southern Hightz...and many more

New Video "PLENTY NIGGAS" with Mike G , Felony and Yung Rockah on Now check it Out

Southern Hightz Love of My Life Video: is on,, and and a few other Music Video Internet networks....and freestyles from other Music DVD's are in circulation right now! Check them out.

Support the real, ban the the paper 'cuz it's feddy to make! -Papi-

As far as a Zoe pound Album, Yes there is one coming...You can say Papi Said Album dates are set yet so I'm sorry, your just going to have to wait.

LOOKING FOR ZOE POUND ENT MUSIC AND SHOW FOOTAGE ....JUST (GOOGLE or YOUTUBE).. SOUTHERN HIGHTZ/ZOE POUND/ MIKE G/JYNXIII/NACHO/LIL HAITI/VCR/IFAP/ and u will find us and r music and videos and fottage from all r shows....

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